Saturday, July 21, 2012

G's 1st Birthday

Here is another cake that I am quite proud of.  It's so pretty with all of its flowers and with its cute little picket fence!  I have a great friend that I have known since childhood, and when her daughter's 1st birthday was approaching, she called and asked me to make a cake to celebrate the occasion.  I immediately had this idea in my mind, and I was able to actually execute what I had planned!!  For any of you who know me well, you'll know that this doesn't happen often!  haha   Anyway, I hope you enjoy the simple beauty of this cake. It is going down as one of my all-time favorites.
Giuliana's 1st Birthday Cake
What I learned:  vibration from a car trip through potholes and downtown Seattle can cause a cake to sink a little.  Luckily, I didn't have too much of a problem.
ALWAYS make extra items to throw on the cake. I wish I had just one more butterfly to replace the one I broke in half!  It doctored up just fine, but I would have preferred to not have to do that!

Beefy... yet so sweet...

This one is an odd one.  A coworker of mine asked me to make a small cake for the top of her son's birthday cake.  His request was interesting.   He wanted a T-bone steak. And not just any t-bone: a Medium Rare T-bone.  So...after laughing about what a silly request it was, I put this one together.  I hope you enjoy it, even though I have to admit that my taste buds are a bit conflicted!

T-bone Cake
What I learned:  It's important to color the cake pink BEFORE you bake it.
I had to re-make the cake because I forgot the food coloring.
Cooling racks work GREAT when needing grill lines in your cakes. :)  

MMF with BC icing.

Lego Lego!

Here are a couple of Lego cakes that I have made for some kiddos we know.  Enjoy!

Lego Cake for Blake
White Cake, BC Frosting, MMF decor
I liked this idea because each kiddo received his own lego to eat, so there was no cutting of the birthday cake.  I think the kids really enjoyed that.
If I use this design again, I will definitely make the pieces smaller.  These were HUGE Lego pieces for the kids, and I think it was a bit much for them to have to try to eat.  
What I learned:  When having teenage girls over for a "cake decorating lesson," do NOT (and I repeat DO NOT) let them use fondant while standing on carpet.  It was a BEAST to get out later.  Next time there will be a TARP down!

Last Minute Lego Cake for Evan
Loved this cake because it was so fast and easy.  BC icing and decor.  
Kids loved it and it only took me about 15 minutes to put together.
What I learned:  Piping the majority of the icing on before spreading it makes life much easier!
I should probably center things before I start writing.  Wish Lego would have been more in the middle.

Angry Birds Make Me So Happy!

Here it is.  The cake I've been looking forward to for over a month now!  It has been SUCH a fun project and I'm pleased and SO excited to share it with all of you!  Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think!

Isaac's 6th Birthday Cake
What I Learned:  Angry Birds are my new favorite decoration!

Chocolate cake, raspberry jam filling (mmmm), MM fondant decorations

Special thanks to my husband for helping construct the slingshot in the back.  
I think it really made the cake a whole lot better!

Friday, June 15, 2012

No Picture Intended

Hey there.

Just so you know, not all of my cakes turn out exactly the way I plan.  Take today, for instance:

I have been asked to do a birthday cake for a coworker (this is happening a LOT), who happens to be a BIG OSU Beaver Fan.  That's Oregon, my friends.  Not Oklahoma (cowboys), Not Ohio (Whatever the heck they are).  Oregon.  So I decided to make a 3D football helmet.  Oh yeah.  Awesome.  Well, I gave myself the WHOLE DAY to get it done, and I started baking around 11 am.  While the cake was baking, I made a face mask out of Wire and fondant, and three logos:  Two "OS" to go on the sides of the helmet, and the Beaver head to go on the back.  I thought the hardest part of the cake would be the details, but apparently not.

Because the cakes had been out of the oven for quite some time, I figured I was safe to start putting it together.   Boy was I wrong!  The cakes were moderately warm, which means they melted the frosting, slid ALL OVER each other, and kept falling down.  I had no choice but to scrap the cake and start all over.  So, here I sit, while my second round of cake is baking, knowing that I don't have the time to make it 3D again.  I'm down to 30 minutes left before delivery time... Do I think I'll make it?  Probably not.

Commence Fun In Baking. :)

And no, you don't get pictures, because I'm COMPLETELY frustrated with myself!  This cake should have been done an hour and a half ago... and would have been, had I cooled the cakes properly.  Noted.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Farm Memories

Last Fall, my husband's grandfather passed away.  He was an incredible man, with an amazing past, and an unheard of work-ethic.  Both of his parents were deaf, and since he was the only boy in the family, he assumed work and responsibility of the family at a very young age.  He helped build the home that his parents lived in, which would eventually become his own until the day he died.  Among a million other things, he built roads, worked in a lumber mill, and rode trains down to California for work.  After getting married, he raised three wonderful children, who went on to give him grandchidren, and eventually great-grandchildren!  When he passed last Fall, his family and friends gathered at the family farm for a luncheon. By special request, his daughter (my mother-in-law) asked me to make a cake of the farm with hay bales and tractors.  The picture I have here only has one of the two tractors on the cake, but everyone was pleased with it.  I'm glad that I was able to contribute something to a day dedicated to such a remarkable man!  He is truly missed every day.   I hope you enjoy the cake!

Grandpa's Farm Cake
Chocolate cake, buttercream icing, toasted coconut rows

What I Learned:  Frosted Mini-Wheats make GREAT Hay Bales!

Auctioned Away

Andrew's school did a fundraiser auction last November and I thought that, since I don't have anything else of value to give away, maybe I could donate a few cakes.  So, I made a couple of gift certificates for One Free Wedding Cake, and up to $200 worth of cake (retail).  Although the wedding cake didn't get purchased, the other did, and I met with a mother early this year to plan a couple of cakes for her kids.  

The first cake I did was for a 16th Birthday party for her son.  He was having an Airsoft themed party, and she wanted something that would be appropriate for that... whether camouflage or gun related.  I found a great design idea online and copied it...almost element for element.  I hope they don't mind!  

I was greeted with a WONDERFUL surprise when my best friend showed up, after driving 3 hours with her 3 kids in tow, to help me execute it (since I had 2 more cakes to do that same weekend!).  With her amazing talent with detail work, we were able to get this cake put together.  I hope you like it!

 Airsoft Cake
Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, raspberry filling

What I learned:  Airbrusing is REALLY fun!  (And fast!)
I don't love detail work, but my best friend is the best friend a girl could ask for!  Thanks, Cassie!

Since that cake didn't quite fulfill the whole dollar amount of the certificate, my client asked me to make her daughter's graduation cake.  I was very excited, and the client had brought a few ideas of cakes she really liked.  We decided on one and I was left to figure out how to make it happen.  With only a few minor bumps in the road with delivery times and rush-order shipping for the butterflies, this was the result:

Butterfly Graduation Cake
Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, raspberry filling

What I Learned:  Double check the delivery date.  Even though I had sent the e-mail with the date I thought it was supposed to be delivered, I clearly was wrong, and we had to freeze the cake for a week.

I Also Learned:  Planning ahead on a holiday weekend is important.  
Shipping is expensive when under time constraints!